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08 April 2012 @ 02:48 am
Audrey (オードリー): an Introduction  

Audrey (オードリー): an Introduction
Wait, what?

Because I need to type this down or I'm probably going to forget this in less than a month. Links mostly to Chinese streaming sites because whoa, the difference in available files between comedians and idols are really obvious. And otherwise because I'm lazy.

First things first, their English group name is Audrey. But since it sounds more like Odori, I've gotten into the habit of typing it like that. I apologize to anyone who feels offended that I butchered their group name. D:

I don't always understand Japanese humor, but even in Japanese standards they're not the funniest people. They can be funny, but only with practice; they frequently admit they're horrible at improvising, and more often then not they accidentally do things correctly and seriously even though they're comedians. Kasuga tries, but Wakabayashi is the one in charge of writing their gigs, and the short gags Kasuga relies on turn stall and annoying pretty soon.

Still, they're not always not funny. They did manage to get a runner-up in the M1 Grand Prix, the largest comedian contest in Japan, after all. Out of 4400+ groups, they came second...That's not bad. :D

How did I start paying attention to a comedic duo, anyway? I started watching them in 脱出ゲームDERO and 謎解きバトルTORE, where they practically co-host the show with Kanjani8. I also started watching スクール革命 featuring Uchimura, Hikaru, Chinen, Yamada, several other people, and...again, Odori. And then I realized they're on いきなり!黄金伝説。, which is shown on TV where I live. Before I knew it, I know a lot more about them then I cared enough to learn. They're as much annoying as they're interesting, and I hate them as much as I love them. It's complicated, but I figured if I tried compiling a post for them, other people could watch them as judge what they see, too.

So...introducing Odori! Or Audrey, but I can't type that name for them with a straight face.

the duo

They're a manzai group, with Wakabayashi as the tsukommi (straight man) and Kasuga as the boke (funny man). Wakabayashi plays the standard tsukommi part, always trying to say something serious and keeping the boke in check. Kasuga's character is an arrogant pervert that often thinks too much of himself and tries to play the straight role but always fails. Kasuga wears a pink vest to distinguish himself, while Wakabayashi wears a simple suit.

Their manzai usually starts with Wakabayashi walking in normally introducing their duo, followed by Kasuga strolling behind with large steps and an arrogant air, introducing himself as "the real Kasuga". At the end, Wakabayashi ends normally with a bow, while Kasuga raises his right hand with his chest held high. Occasionally in the middle, Wakabayashi would complain about Kasuga's unpleasantness and how it's a pain to work with him, but when Kasuga asks if he's saying this for real, Wakabayashi would say "if it's true, why would I work with you for so many years" and they would laugh together.

They use the phrases 『高速の温度差』 (high speed temperature difference), 『心地よいズレ漫才』 (pleasant disorder), and 『お笑いタッチダウン』 (comedy touchdown) to describe themselves.

Examples of their manzai! You probably need to be able to understand some Japanese to understand these.
M1 Grand Prix 2008 Revival Round: Odori - "Moving"
Wakabayashi wants to move to a new place because his old department is falling apart. He starts off by describing why he wants to move out, while Kasuga interrupts often with...various things. Then Wakabayashi starts describing his ideal new place. I don't want to try listing everything they say, but at one point Wakabayashi tells Kasuga to leave Earth and Kasuga enters a spaceship off to KasugaWorld. Nakai's movie Watashi wa Kani ni Naritai (I Want to Be a Shellfish) is used as a gag. Kasuga also complains that he's Kasuga. Um. And a bunch of other things happen.
M1 Grand Prix 2008 Final Round: Odori - "Speech Practice"
Wakabayashi tries to prepare a speech. Kasuga plays an audience reaction even when Wakabayashi's only practicing. They sound a little more nervous but I still laughed at a lot of their gags, so give it a try :) It has hot springs that call out "Wakabayashi" when they spring out! And Kasuga cries of happiness when Wakabayashi says he still wants to work together.


Practically all comedians on Japanese TV have difficult pasts and a long history of being piss poor. Odori is, naturally, no different.

They met in middle school, where they were in the same class during their second year (eighth grade). Kasuga sat in front of Wakabayashi, and Wakabayashi says that he often couldn't see what was on the blackboard because of Kasuga's large head. They entered the same high school and they both entered the American football club, Wakabayashi playing in the Running Back position and Kasuga playing in the Defense End. In their senior year Kasuga was in the Kanto representative team.

Wakabayashi planned on being a comedian when he started high school and had been scouting for a partner ever since. He had another best friend, but that friend eventually left because of family reasons. Apparently, he made a list and started phoning everyone from the top, and Kasuga was the eighth person he called. According to Wakabayashi, his final reason for choosing Kasuga was because Kasuga seemed like someone without an opinion, even though that wasn't entirely the case. xD

In the beginning, Kasuga was the tsukommi and Wakabayashi was the boke, and their duo name was "Nice Middle". Kasuga tried, practicing through recording and taping himself and arriving early whenever they met with the script in hand, but he had horrible comedic timing and many people told Wakabayashi to drop Kasuga. There are video clips out there and...yeah, it sucked. xD Eventually someone gave them the idea of changing their positions, and later created Kasuga's arrogant character through trial and error. Wakabayashi says they're a duo that "tried the traditional manzai style but failed".

Why Audrey? April 2005, the president of their agency asked them to choose from "Audrey" and "Uni Ikura" (Sea-Urchin Fish-Eggs). Because they were in a sushi restaurant, the duo decided that their president must have made the name Uni Ikura up randomly, so they picked Audrey. According to the president, because they had no splendor, he named them Audrey after the magnificent Audrey Hepburn.

some more small stories

Before they broke into the industry, they were dirt poor. As an unsuccessful manzai duo, they have a lot of stories about not giving up.

After forming the duo, Kasuga wanted to go to college because he had decent scores, and he eventually graduated from Nihon University with an economics major. During this time, Wakabayashi couldn't do anything else, so he managed to get into Toyo University studying Japanese literature. After Kasuga told his parents his career choice, his parents kicked him out because comedians in Kanto rarely work out. However, after Odori had their big break, their parents hung a sign on their door saying this is Kasuga's family home.

And...here's a lot of stories of Wakabayashi giving up. xD Seriously, this duo.

After seven years of countless failures, Wakabayashi told Kasuga that he wants to give up. One day, when Wakabayashi ran out during practice, Kasuga handed him a thousand yen bill and cried while apologizing, begging Wakabayashi to continue working with him. In 2007, when Kasuga entered the K-1 kickboxing contest to gain exposure (...that's the link, warning, it's rather violent), he was said to be a worthless comedian trying his best. Wakabayashi asked Kasuga to give up K-1, but Kasuga refused, and lost the competition. Wakabayashi wrote on his blog "I think Kasuga wants to challenge everyday unchanged".

Once, Kasuga was late for a competition, and when Kasuga kept apologizing without saying anything, Wakabayashi shouted "let's disband, now!" and ran out. Kasuga stayed two meters behind and followed him until Wakabayashi stopped and told him "if you have anything to say, say it". Kasuga asked if Wakabayashi really wanted to disband, and Wakabayashi punched him and said "of course I want to continue working with you!" Kasuga...cried while saying thanks. Yeah, I don't know what kind of drama I'm typing either, but I swear I didn't make this up. xDD

Also, as 2007 drew to a near, Wakabayashi laid on the street and said "I'm going to be run over by a car and be on TV!" because they couldn't manage to appear on television. It was a joke, but...I'm really thankfully he didn't. :D :D


Let's start with the one who keeps giving up. Wakabayashi Masayasu, written as 若林正恭, is the tsukommi of the duo, and usually appears more serious and less emotional. For some reason, this translates to having his mouth hanging open a lot in variety shows and looking like a startled animal whenever he's not in character. In competitive Pokemon terms, he would be a glass cannon, whereas Kasuga would be a wall. Like Dodrio and Steelix. Or Breloom and Probopass. Or Sharpedo and...WHY AM I STILL THINKING OF THIS.

According to School Kakumei 2011.12.11, he's related to otters.

Y/N? That's almost cute! Except he really hates animals. Whenever they have to interact with animals, it's usually Kasuga who handles everything. Because he's afraid, every show enjoys torturing him with animals. He handles a plushie and lets the real lion cubs climb all over Kasuga. And he screams for help from Kasuga and hides. In fact, whenever he's startled, he hides. He doesn't like talking to strangers, so he leaves the set and hides during break when they're recording. He drinks alone at night in parking lots. After his ex-girlfriend dumped him, he remained single for eight years (probably because he was too poor to handle a girlfriend). He might be in a relationship right now but sources are shaky on that so let's respect his privacy. xD He's also rather short-tempered. In sum, he's...prickly. Joltik!

Wakabayashi is also a really, really horrible singer. He's famous for it. If you're ever overheated in the summer, you can try cooling down by listening to him sing. Even if you're incredibly familiar with Glass no Shounen, I'm sure you haven't heard it like this. And I'm not sure what he's doing with 島唄, but that can't be singing. He also put out a CD, because people want to hear him sing. Huh.

He was also in a stageplay (butai) in 2011, which I found really surprising because I can't imagine him acting at all. o__O It's adapted from the same titled novel 『芸人交換日記』, and I have absolutely no idea what it's about but the poster looks really interesting. The DVD's on sale.

Among the two, he's less memorable, but more easily liked. And now we move on to his partner.


Kasuga Toshiaki, written as 春日俊彰, is the boke part of the duo, the more blatant half, and...the joke, basically. xD Some people find him funny, others think he's annoying. In fact, it's really easy to find him annoying because of his arrogant act. I know I do, sometimes. But the more I know about him, the more difficult it is to hate him, too.

In reality, he's the more serious hard-working one out of the two. Despite having shaky comedic timing, he remembered every detail of the scripts Wakabayashi wrote when they just started out. He was challenged to remember the name and order of the 72 Japanese Prime Ministers in 24 hours and succeeded. He never missed a day during junior high to high school (7-12 grade), he writes down everything the teachers said, and he almost passed the Wakabayashi test...
絆 芸人たち熱き魂 2009.10.12 Wakabayashi Test 1 2 3
Wakabayashi thinks Kasuga isn't interested in his life. Kasuga agrees. Unfortunately, Kasuga has to remember 100 details about Wakabayashi's life in 48 hours, and he needs to answer 50 questions correctly or Wakabayashi gets punished. He gets almost everything right, including Wakabayashi's weight and height when he was born, when Wakabayashi learned to walk, Wakabayashi's seat number in junior high, Wakabayashi's elementary school friend's name, and a bunch of other details no one really needed to know. And I firmly believe the reason why Kasuga failed at the 49th question is because it makes the show more interesting if someone is punished.
Kasuga's act is an arrogant pervert, but he speaks in proper formal language when he's not recording. He does everything he has to for exposure, but sometimes he takes things too seriously. When he went on a TV show famous for pitting professional sport players against male comedians, Kasuga went against a female boxer and took it too seriously, resulting in him being criticized for hitting a female...He's not very good at understanding all those unofficial rules of Japanese television, but he tries, and he tries until I find it very hard to dislike him. I mean...sometimes, he's almost funny. :D

Wakabayashi does not approve.

Kasuga is also famous for being extremely stingy. He still lives in the place he started renting when he had no money, a small apartment that's almost famous because everyone likes interviewing him there. There's only one room and there's no shower, and people who knows he lives there calls his name from outside all the time. Oh, and his tenant embarrasses him by complimenting him and saying he's a good kid. :D On いきなり!黄金伝説, he entered the 'ten thousand yen a month' competition three times. Since the competition is based on how much money you have left at the end of the month, he won each time by being incredibly mingy, often using incredibly weird (and gross) methods. For entertainment value, or for real? Who knows. :P

He prefers older aged women (preferably over 40), and he likes plumpness in girls. Women. Um. He stammers when there are women his type present. On the other hand, he's also a huge fan of Yaotome Hikaru. He went to Hey!Say!JUMP's SUMMARY 2010 concert, waved around a uchiwa, and caught a signed ball from Hikaru. The School Kakumei cast gave him a Hikaru pillow and gives him assignments with Hikaru all the time. It's highly possible that Hikaru hates him a bit.

athletic abilities

As they were both in the American football club during high school, they're both pretty athletic. According to Wakabayashi, he won't lose to anyone in a 3-meter dashing race. Kasuga's confident of his upper body strength...and also his large chest size, though he's not really very tall.

Their Japanese Wikipedia lists several things to prove their athletic abilities, so I went and found those episodes. Here's two that proves Wakabayashi's leg strength.
『ぷっ』すま 2010.03.16
The cast visits a bike racing specialist school, and Kusanagi (SMAP), Wakabayashi and another female entertainer tries biking up a steep slope the bikers use for training. Kasuga's foot is still in a cast so he's in charge of taking a photo of the moment a challenger reached the top. They start out okay, but loses speed and control of direction pretty much as soon as they start on the slope. Finally, Wakabayashi tries the challenge without speed--he uses sheer force to pedal up that hill. As for that photo...well, you'll see. There's a reason Kasuga can be really useless sometimes.
謎解きバトルTORE! 2011.10.17
In the 「崖の間」 challenge, Wakabayashi jumps from one part of the challenge to another without help. Later, Yasu (Kanjani8) does the same, making Wakabayashi's effort seem less significant. xD But his leg muscles really are surprising. :D Kasuga also proves his usefulness by communicating with Wakabayashi through telepathy!
Aside from being sturdy, Kasuga is also extremely good at holding his breath. His record is 5 minutes, and he's good at diving, too. When he tried for the record of male entertainers holding their breath and swimming under water, he managed to get to the fourth position in the records by going for 90 meters.
『いきなり!黄金伝説』2010.07.29 オードリー 最強海女軍団 1 2 3 4 5
They spent three days diving in the ocean, along with several fisherwomen (?) whose teaching methods consist of ignoring the duo until they find something. Kasuga starts around 4 meters, and dives around 5 meter deep seabeds with ease. Wakabayashi has a little more trouble with diving, and his complaint about his hurting ears receive no response, but he manages to go around 2~3 meters as well. After spending so much time in the water, Wakabayashi eventually reaches 4 meters, sort of. While Kasuga starts diving around 10 meters. We also learn that Wakabayashi doesn't smoke, and that Kasuga's efforts might look more impressive, but they turn out ultimately useless.
And finally, when they went on the 黄金伝説 Survival Competition, they spent three days barely sleeping in the wild. I'm not sure why this is included as proof of their athletic abilities in their Wikipedia entry, but I loved watching this anyway. ★
『いきなり!黄金伝説。』2010.12.30 東西南北へ行ってサバイバル生活 1 2 3 4 5 6 (paste URL here to view.)
Five teams of comedians are sent to five places in Japan to catch a large creature in three days and two nights. Their goal is also to 'survive', aka catch and cook their own food. Part of what I liked so much about watching this is because I had no idea what was going to happen, so...
Finally, let's end this part with Kasuga using everything he has to stay on television.
ヒルナンデス! 2012.02.29
Kasuga runs a full marathon in pink tights. Then gets punished because he came in third out of the entertainers present? Wakabayashi cheers for him through a monitor by not cheering at all.

their appearance

I'm new to this duo myself and I don't have the habit of storing images, so I decided to post a set of photos they took for the radio show Odori's All Night Nippon. They take a picture each week, and I decided to post a few of the more interesting ones I found.

Warning: comedians running wild.

No, I can't explain why Kasuga horrifyingly always wears the same top. He even has a winter version of it (?). By the way, they're both 33 years old. This is completely irrelevant.

even more J&A connections

Being a J&A fan, I especially love it when they appear with Johnny's, mostly because the chances of there being subs are way higher. They appear alongside Kanjani8 in TORE!, and they're regular members of School Kakumei, but besides those, they sometimes appear as guests in shows Johnny's host. I'm sure these have downloads available, I'm just lazy. :\

By the way, these are just some episodes with Odori specially labeled as guests. I didn't even want to start with SMAP because those guys are everywhere, although I did find a comedic short of Shingo playing Kasuga, 3 years later.

First off, the Shin Domoto Kyoudai episode is classic. The show itself is almost always interesting (in their old format), and Odori just makes it even better.
Shin Domoto Kyoudai 2009.05.31 Odori
Kasuga is shorter than he looks, they talk about their childhoods, and Kasuga likes girls that don't wear underwear. He learns Koichi walks around naked at home, and decides Koichi's his type, too. Wakabayashi's type of girls is ones that always carries band-aids. This translates to Tsuyoshi, who always carries medicine and band-aids to hand to people who hurt themselves. Wakabayashi declares that he's found his type and it's Tsuyoshi, and proceeds to carefully explain that Tsuyoshi's seriously his type.

Then they talk about the other's failures in relationships. Kasuga is a pervert, naturally. When Wakabayashi's ex-girlfriend left him, Wakabayashi literally couldn't breath and started panting (he says he wasn't able to cry ;___;). He called Kasuga and tried to ask Kasuga to call him a while later to make sure he's alive. Kasuga explained that it's hyperpnea and told Wakabayashi to breath out of a bag.

Also, KinKi Kids teases Wakabayashi until he runs off set. xD He's also happy that one person out of all the guests laughed. Odori talks about when they went on Utaban and Umemiya Tatsuo said they were boring, and Wakabayashi says it left him with a trauma. But when they performed the same manzai, everyone laughed and Tom-san especially commented that he didn't understand why Umemiya didn't thought it was funny.

At the end, Odori sings Glass no Shounen together! Kasuga manages to keep a shaky tone somewhat, but Wakabayashi...yeah, he still can't sing at all. :D :D
Next one features TOKIO!
5LDK 2010.07.22
They start by surprising the duo and showing us what they look like walking around the studio. Then we find out that Wakabayashi does purikura and enjoys massages, and the real reason why Kasuga lives in a place without a shower. Hint: it involves girls. xD Then they show a secret recording of Wakabayashi chanting a song about breasts and nipples while marching. It's okay, Matsuoka understands! Kasuga talks about being more interested in older girls, and this time TOKIO fails to understand. Introducing Kasuga's punk era, expressed through his hairstyle, on radio! Finally, they try canned food, Taichi's adorable and...stuff happens?

they're tricked into the studio, so Kasuga has to put on his vest on set.
And of course, Arashi.
Arashi no Shukudai-kun 2009.03.16
Football uniforms, juice made from candy melted into water (©Kasuga), they eat, they eat some more, and they perform manzai with Kasuga as the tsukommi and Wakabayashi as the boke.
VS Arashi 2009.01.24
Wakabayashi claims this is the first time he appears on television without his black suit, which is why he fails. And fails. Also, he's scared of MatsuJun, and Kasuga's afraid of breathing when Arashi looks at him.
VS Arashi 2009.11.12 Odori as Plus One guests 1 2
...I didn't watch this. Sorry? :|
Finally, here's Kanjani8.
Janiben 2009.03.11
They talk about Kasuga's stinginess, and Kanjani8 gets to try Kasuga's melted-candy water, too! Kanjani8 learns how Kasuga splits a lunch box into six, and their reaction to Kasuga's loves for larger-sized women is pretty much like TOKIO's. Also, Kasuga's type includes wrestlers, and he can't talk in television shows when there's girls his type present. Wakabayashi complains about not being memorable, and the conclusion? Everyone, please properly remember Wakabayashi's face. ♥

comedians in motion

They're listed as regulars on around ten shows and they guest on other shows often, bringing the count up to fifteen some weeks. Even if I try to list the most interesting clips I found, I'll end up always wanting to change the list because there's always something coming out. So these are not the funniest videos, but the ones that showcase their history the most.

Starting from what launched their careers...
M1 Grand Prix 2008 Behind the Scenes - Odori cut
Ten years of preparation, all for this moment. Getting voted back in the competition. The look of sheer astonishment on their faces. The excitement and nervousness bubbling in the atmosphere. The drama. Entry number 4431. Too many feelings asd;klj ♥♥
After their big break into the industry, they started getting all sorts of offers. There's only so much manzai they can put on television, so the most common topic in their talk segments is their past. They were classmates, and they spent nearly ten years crawling in the dustbins of the entertainment industry searching for a way in--there's quite a few stories in there. :D
アメトーーク! 2010.01.28 学生時代の友達とコンビ組んでる芸人
Ame Talk is a show that invites comedians with things in common and gets them to talk/vent about it. I get to know about all sorts of details about their lives? Yay! Here, they invite duos that were friends from school and they talk about how they were in school, what their nicknames were and other stories about their schooldays. At the end, they reenact an episode from their past, in which they almost disbanded (seriously, they always seem to be almost disbanding in those days).
There's talking about it, and there's showing it. Multiple television stations have arranged them to go back to their school and meet their old teachers, and here's just one out of quite a few.
スクール革命 2009.08.02 みんなの母校を巡る修学旅行SP 前半戦!!
The School Kakumei cast (minus Yamada) visits the high school Odori went to, and they learn that their American football club advisor is now principal. And then they visit their old football club room...and find out that their old club-mates are waiting for them! Cue lots of teasing, from both their old friends and the cast. :D
So that's their private history, and next is their work status quo. For now, Ame Talk is still best show I know of that allows comedians to talk about themselves (while London Hearts likes finding out things...), and here's two episodes that each allow them to talk about their contribution to the duo.
アメトーク 2009.04.09 ○○じゃない方芸人
The lesser known halves of several duos let their bitter feelings out. Getting mistaken as other people is normal; reminding people of their existence is routine. They do a survey and some of the members present don't get recognized at all. Quick, do something memorable!
アメトーク 2011.02.03 ネタ書いてない方芸人
This time, it's the side that doesn't write gags or skits. While their partners are busy thinking of skits, what are they doing? Some sit by with candy, others pretend they're helping, and others aren't even present. They sounds useless--so what do they contribute to their groups? The show then gives them homework, asking them to try coming up with gags, and Kasuga...comes up with nothing. But he's not trash! Really. He says so.
Still Ame Talk, but this time an episode that forces them to show how much they love their partner. Wakabayashi shedding his usual aloofness? Immediate must watch.
アメトーク 2009.05.14 愛方大好き芸人
The comedians that really love their partners! They're fooling around for most of the episode so take everything with a grain of salt, but it's still hilarious to watch. Possibly the only times Wakabayashi compliments Kasuga! Wakabayashi says he wants to perform manzai with Kasuga for life, and Kasuga answers that by declaring he's Wakabayashi's property. :P
Enough of them talking, here's some episodes of them showing How They Work.
『いきなり!黄金伝説。』2009.06.25 人気ファミレス全メニュー食べ尽くす 1 2 (paste URL here to view.)
They have to eat everything on a family restaurant's menu, a total of 92 items. Including rice, the smaller helping of rice, and the large one. All the spaghettis, and the ones with eggs. And the lunch sets.

It's a great waste of food, but it's interesting because you sort of see how they managed to work together through the years. Wakabayashi starts off by begging Kasuga to eat more than half, later moves on the slapping Kasuga, and finally decides to simply force Kasuga to eat more. Kasuga asks Wakabayashi to slap him anyway. He pours his glass of water at Kasuga and later starts berating Kasuga for appearing in a rumor magazine. At one point, Wakabayashi just ups and leaves, and he says he only came back because the last train already left, but Kasuga patiently encourages him no matter how abusive Wakabayashi gets. He even compliments Wakabayashi for...keeping his temper.

They also sleep on the floor in the restaurant, but what's really amazing is how they could be eating to their deaths, and they still manage to compliment the food. o__O
More of their work dynamic, this time in secret!camera mode:
一攫○金!べがすさま 2010.03.30 (full episode)
A fake reporter is sent to test what Odori's actually like. The reporter asks Odori how long they think they can last, then adds that it's usually two to three years for new comedians. Then she asks Kasuga to slap Wakabayashi's back and Wakabayashi to slap Kasuga's forehead, claiming they need to photograph it, but she asks them to repeat the motion multiple times and the camera clicks at odd times. Wakabayashi starts slapping harder each time, and eventually...er, goes a little insane and rips Kasuga's vest? xD Once the fake!reporter leaves, Wakabayashi changes the topic and asks Kasuga which female artist he likes right now.

The people watching this clip are like whoa, Kasuga's basically a nice guy all around, and what happened to them after? Kasuga left like that without losing his temper. And Wakabayashi was an accomplice the whole time. Ariyoshi complains that this information is given way too late. xD
For the final video I'm putting here, I decided that it should be their most recent manzai performance. This is where they started, and this is what they ultimately are.
爆笑問題の検索ちゃん 芸人ちゃんネタ祭り 2011.12.23
The show invites various comedians to perform new skits and checks whether they can still perform. Odori's part starts from 18:30, arriving with new manzai! Wakabayashi tries to talk about meeting his father for a drink, Kasuga tries to come up with new gags, Wakabayashi's tsukommi evolves, and Kasuga is as annoying as ever (in a good way :D). The hosts talk about how Kasuga calls his high school friends thirty minutes before radio shows to test his topics.
To be continued? It took like they aren't disappearing for now, after all. They have nine regular television shows, two radio shows, and they're constantly guesting everywhere. I think they'll be around for a little while longer.

some thoughts

Okay, fine, I don't hate them. At all. I actually kind of like them.

And, er, I guess it's obvious which one of them I prefer, but I did try to balance the amount of times I mention either of them. They're both extremely important to the group, after all. ♥

By paying attention to this duo, I've been watching a lot of different duo dynamics and I'm a lot more interested in Japanese comedians than I was. I have no idea how this happened. The point isn't whether they're funny or not, but how different they are, how hard they try and how much they're willing to do. And practically all comedians are willing to do a whole lot to succeed and stay in the business, so anything's possible.

And by anything, I mean seriously anything. How much of their reactions are scripted, what actions their managers stopped them from doing, how they practice their comedic timing on variety shows, why they broke up with their last girlfriend, how talkative they are during sex (lmao tmi, guys)...They're so much more open about things, it's refreshing. And a little scary. :D

Odori's been in the business around three/four years. Of course, a lot of other comedian groups are also amusing, but while I like many other individual comedians, they just have that special appeal as a duo? I truly don't know. It's also interesting how they're not from Kansai. Until now, whenever I think of comedians, I think of Osaka. Their manzai sounds especially different when I started noticing this. I'm glad they're on TV so much, but also a little sad because they don't perform manzai on TV much anymore. :(

Final thought? Wakabayashi's name is really difficult to type.


K Dash Group: Odori's Official Profile Page
Odori's All Night Nippon (radio)
芸人交換日記 (stageplay, Wakabayashi only)
オードリー若林の「どろだんご日記」 (Wakabayashi's blog, everything's private)
オードリー春日 「春日」 (Kasuga's blog, updates every new year?)

the end

Hikariihikabunny on April 8th, 2012 07:44 pm (UTC)
DUDE SERIOUSLY THANKS FOR THIS. I don't know any Japanese so it's hard for me to get into JPN comedy/manzai duos unless they've been subbed. I've seen them (Mostly Kasuga) in a bunch of variety shows, and they tend to show up with some Johnny's here and there (Yes, DERO and TORE to name a few for me, too!).

I lovelovelovelooove pimp posts and I hope this inspires many others to do the same~!

Man I laughed really hard at the Kasuga chasing Wakabayashi and the punch and the crying and the.. YEAH IT SOUNDED LIKE A DRAMA LOL. I LOST IT..

That is the most interesting rendition of Garasu no Shounen I have.. ever heard.. Is he for real LMAO

Oooh, boy, Umemiya. I wonder why he'd say that. Does that mean he couldn't make a song for them? 8D

I'll probably watch that thing where they have to catch their own food.. I see Cocorico so I was like, yesss other faces I should recognize, too.

And the SDK.

.. I really love that bit about Yaotome Hikaru and Kasuga there LMAO.

Thanks again!

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Φ/∞: J-Pop ♪ Koichi ♫ Joyfuldigitalized_ on April 8th, 2012 09:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the reply! <3 It's great to know even one person enjoyed this. Makes it all worth it. :D

I wish there were more pimp posts, too! There are a lot of groups/duos I want to get into, but it's not easy when I don't know anything about them yet.

They have quite a few dramatic episodes but that one's such a classic, lol. xD I think Wakabayashi fakes his singing a little, but he was never really good so it's not that far off from his real singing voice.

If you can, definitely watch the Ougon Densentsu episode (the one with them catching food)! The other faces are very recognizable too, and it's easy to watch even without Japanese skills because they're always doing something instead of just talking.

Hikaru and Kasuga have a very complicated relationship. I enjoy it a lot, at Hikaru's expense. :D

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(Anonymous) on December 28th, 2014 08:50 pm (UTC)
Hi! Thank you so much for your hard work researching on them and spending your time typing out this looooong blog post. Really appreciate it.
I've recently came across オードリー さん in a few variery shows (especially school kakumei) and I've wondered about their history. Came across many japanese articles but I was too lazy to read. So glad I found your post. *thumbs up*
Just wondering, is Kasuga really that poor or does he just stinge on himself to save up. (In one episode of school kakumei, Wakabayashi said Kasuga goes to a few stores to find the cheapest hair wax xD). It's good though, seeing celebrities being thrifty and not all glamourous and rich.